Saturday, February 20, 2010


When i go back from terengganu,My father took me at KL.Sentral.I feel like,this is my world or my reality life when i came back from terengganu.I'm so excited and i am waiting for my mother's cook.The dish that day was spicy chicken,mix vegetable,curry and prawn.Oh my god(omg) this is so delicious.I miss my mother's cook.The next day,i went to Derrick and Team to bold cut my hair..Before this my hair looks so messy.I am not comfortable with my hair style at that time.I feel more better after that.In evening,i accompany my friends to bought a ticket at KL.Sentral.I went to mamak stall to meet my old friends.The next day ,i went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman(TAR).I'm so tried but i feel happy because i can spend our time together.I wake up early on the next day to take my sister at airport KL IA.I'm dread to meet my sister att that time after 7 months.She came back Malaysia.On the next day,my family went to Bagan Lalang to spend our time.the first aim is to eat a delicious seafood.That places so peaceful and beautiful.On Wednesday and Thursday i went to pavilion,the curve,and look point.We spend our time from morning until midnight.that all for from me.i hope i will get the more than this.heee=)

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