Sunday, January 31, 2010

my bestfriends

everyone have a bestfriends is shahirah affend.she always remind me about my studies.shahirah is my classmate in convent.i always hang out,shopping and study with her..she is understanding person,especially when i have problems.During holiday ,she always ask me to hang out and do something such as shopping,gossip and others.the best place that i always hang out is carlos,pavillion,the curve,nz curry house and others.she is talkative person.i'm very happy with her.During weekend ,we always spend time at mamak stall or find something to do together.right now,she is practical in subang jaya.she is taking second bestfriend is mohd yamin.he was born on 21 dec 1990.he is taking art and design in university technology mara(uitm) machang,kelantan.he always accompany me when i hang out with my bestfriends.when i go to party or reunion i will invite him to accompany me.My favourite things that i like to do with them is race or drive.when we have problems,we will do something that i things crazy.for me ,this things is fun and adventures..

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